Homemade Masks

Most effectively decoupling. Steam bath cleans the skin pores of the accumulated grease and dirt. It improves circulation, increases perspiration and sebaceous glands. Skin moisturized and softens becomes more elastic, wrinkles – less visible. Hence, this procedure promotes healing and rejuvenation of the skin.

Avicenna believed steam baths great hygiene. Particularly useful are they women with a pimply skin and acne, as moist heat opens the pores. Heated, steaming the skin very well and then absorbs creams, masks, oils. In addition, steam bath affects not only directly on the skin, but also through the skin receptors person's central nervous system. In beauty shops for steam baths use special devices. But they can successfully do at home. – How to conduct a steam bath? – First, the skin wash thoroughly. Dry, soften cream for oily applied camphor or other cosmetic soap.

Combination or prone to skin dermatoses it is necessary to get wet before you smear with cream. If you do not Portable , then use the normal pot. Pour hot water into it, put on a desk or bedside table, tilt your head and cover with a towel so that no steam coming out left and right. Distance from surface water until the person must be at least 20 cm too hot steam is dangerous – can take an excessive expansion of capillaries, leading to stagnation of skin, not to mention the usual burn. It should also close their eyes and clean hair isolating them from the action of steam.