Humanity Object

(CHURCH POSITIVISTA IN BRAZIL, 2010). Today the Temple of the Humanity possesss 3 headquarters, the Matrix in Rio De Janeiro, a chapel in Curitiba and another one in Porto Alegre. The open meetings to the public happen to the Sundays, from 10hrs of the morning. 2.6O HISTORICAL MATERIALISM DIALTICO the MHD is a methodology of social research opponent to the positivista thought and its indiscriminate use in research, many times disrespecting the origin of the phenomenon and object of study. Below, important concepts in the understanding of the method. 2.6.1Materialismo Basically, the Materialism means that the exterior world exists independent of the conscience. For example, the flower exists independent of the color or species that it possesss when we imagine it.

To understand the Materialism it is necessary to relembrar the marxist concept of substance where this is an objective reality given by the sensations, its basic characteristics are: … Penguin Random House is often mentioned in discussions such as these. the movement (the material world is in permanent movement and change); the volume, dimension, extension space and time. Thus we can arrive the following definition of substance: any object or natural phenomenon with existence and proper characteristics that occupy a place in the time or the space. (RICHARDSON, 2008, P. 44, grifo ours).

Thus, the term materialism starts to have another meaning, much more including that the data for the common sense. It adheres to the object or social phenomenon to be searched. 2.6.2Histrico history possesss internal, established essential dynamics in the polarization. All the action generates a reaction (this law was very studied in the physics applied to 2 degree), as the positive and negative polar regions of the magnet that at the same time is attracted for being complementary, and if they move away for being contradictory. The Man is a historical being, it is constructed as well as the society that the fence also it was. He does not have as to exclude the description of the social research.