The times the words flow in our mind as a torrent, but we do not know passes them with sublimidade for the reader. That is the consequence of the decurrent illiteracy of them we pssimos professors and of the governing careless with the zeal for the education of the Brazilian people. Logically it is more easy to govern illiterate, therefore nothing podera it withhold the most clarified. They see a people who does not know to descirnir the right hand of the left, is conviniente to the commanders of the nation, therefore a ignorant people of all a gamma of sciences, is clearly that we will not have access the nothing that podera helping in them, and therefore I add unfortunate persons. We are what we want to be! I do not believe this philosophy, therefore we live in parents who make in them of marionettes, directing each one as they want. For this, it is enough to look at them to me for the taxes that are charged of each Brazilian citizen, that is: they are taxes for each one of in exactly..