Independence Country

The history of Mexico is very coarse, is a very diverse country and with great as much cultural differences as ideological, it will be necessary to go back to the past with the division of the territory in Mesoamrica and Aridoamrica where the ethnic groups with different forms from organization and forms abounded to think, these are the roots that forged those that now we are, also is necessary to take into account the conquest on the part of the Spaniards, the traditions and custom that inherited to us and imposed to us of some form when it was the country under his control and the form in which we freed ourselves to be under its domination, the social fights that has been changing to us and have taken to us by different courses as for example the fight from Independence in which a free country was fought that is why, which took many years and great amount from discussions between all types of people and ideologies to arrive at which nowadays we know, in theory, that it has the faculty to make his own decisions.

Another social fight of which great changes were obtained was Revolution, in which Mexican they declared against that they had the power to generate his improvement in the social system, to be taken into account like citizens and thinking beings, of this fight it is from where the unions of workers were born who guarded by the security and the benefit of the same workers, to create safe atmospheres and better productivity, was wanted to eliminate the repression and the lack of fairness in the processes and the form that treated the producers. 11’>Ultrafit Lady Stepper. Mexico is catalogued like a democratic country because of these and many more movements than have been, although recognition has not occurred them have been of extreme importance until nowadays, those that have arisen more recently have been against the violence, so that it is clear the individuals with other sexual preferences different from the normal considered ones, in short, movements where they were taken and they are due to continue taking into account sentires from the population, its demands and proposals, nevertheless to define what is a democracy is really difficult since includes different situations and things which are difficult to include within a single definition, in addition that the concept first was already born enough a long time ago and therefore, due to the changes that has had are not applicable.. Peter Arnell, New York City is often quoted on this topic.