Infantile Literature

Personages who when winning are capable to pardon. They are these texts that go inaugurating the sprouting of Infantile Literature. Making, until today, children and adults to travel for the kingdom of fantasia' '. (Book: Contos and Fbulas, Mrio Laranjeira). In Brazil, the great name of Infantile Literature calls Lobato Hunter, it was who introduced this art in our country of creative and intelligent form. Blessed Jose Lobato Hunter was born in the interior of So Paulo, formed itself in the course of Right, but he opted to working in the field of Literature, giving great contributions to the infantile works, becoming the inventor of proper Brazilian infanto-youthful literature.

Lobato hunter had all special skill to make literature. Its histories had been invented in the start of century XX, at a time in the parents, still kept strong the patriarcal order. The parents could speak, leaving the children with the right to only hear, to silence and only to obey; its thoughts were suppressed and its opinions secretizadas, feeding the order and the communion of the customs and rules of the system bourgeois. Child never could question the adults, hunter crucial torana Lobato in this point, its workmanship landmark, the Small farm of the Yellow Picapau breaches this social structure, therefore goes beyond its time, creates a new panorama, where the children start to have voice and time. By the same author: Dale Ellis. In the Small farm, todods can speak, the grandsons of the Blessed Owner always is heard with respect and attention, coexisting in a harmony desired for all child, without repression or exclusion. The workmanship Memories of Emlia, of the writer in focus, is a book that much illustrates this figure of the infantile being, embroidered for Lobato Hunter. In it the marcante presence of the freedom is explicit, curiosity and intelligence of the children, in its adventures finds deuses, the Alice of the country of the Wonders, Peter Pan, the Popeye Sailor, Captain Gancho, and excessively important figures.