Infantile Literature

Another interesting detail in the book in study, is the form as Lobato Hunter presents to the children the irrealidades on the history of the counted men, in its memories: ' ' , and I also know that it is in the memories that the men lie more. Who writes memories arranges the things of a skill that the reader is making one high idea of escrevedor' '. (memories of the Emlia, p 12). The author of the book Infantile Literature, adds in its discrso, on the characteristics more element gifts in the workmanships contemporaries: ' ' The ACT TO COUNT becomes each more present and conscientious time in the body of the narrative. In function of the increasing valuation that our time of to the language as essential factor in the formation of the child and the young, literature contemporary has supervalued the act to tell – as the act to create through the word From there the use each bigger time of the metalanguage, with same histories that speak of itself and of its to become.

This new aspect of youthful infantile literature/aims at to take the readers entirely to discover that the literary invention is a process of verbal construction, dependent of the decision of escritor' '. (Infantile literature, p 153). In the book Memories of the Emlia, the author works inside of this perspective, the measure that takes in them to reflect on the language ultilizando the proper language. It is a rich text in metalanguage. Soon at the beginning of its narrative, he has a sufficiently dynamic conflict that convokes in them to think concerning the mysteries and effect that the words cause, when they are chosen pensadamente they establish good relation with excessively. The doll does not want to write any word, but it desires to captivate its reader by means of the good job of the vocbulos and expressions.