Isabel Myers

the personality and temperament also affect how we perceive the world and how we get along with each other. Therapists, leadership in the development of the gurus and other professionals used models of type and temperament to help people learn more about themselves, appreciate differences in others and to improve family relationships and work. Two popular methodologies are Myers-Briggs and Eneagram. We must not forget, according to Gordon Allport, personality is the Organization of psychophysical systems that determine the way of thinking, acting, only one of each subject in its process of adaptation to the environment. The big five of Myers Briggs model. During the years of 1950, Katheryn Briggs and Isabel Myers developed a personality identification method based on the theory of psychological types of Jung. The Myers-Briggs type indicator depends on a series of questions to determine which of 16 ratings look you better to the respondent.

Type patterns are correlated with pairs of preferences of personality model is also known as inventory of the personality of Myers – Brigss (MBTI) or the psychological types of Myers – Brigss indicator. Should be noted that the MBTI was based on the theory of carl Jung’s psychological types, as mentioned above and which allows detecting differences in the behavior of psychologically normal people according to:-your source of motivation-your way of perceiving information.-its mode of use information.-his stance towards the world the MBTI does not measure personality traits, but preference for one or the other pole of the four psychological dimensions, the questionnaire is composed of 96 items of choice, which represent preferences of behavior daily in each of the four dimensions of the test, each item scores for each of the poles of each dimension. To set an individual difference in one dimension, compares the points obtained in each one of the poles. The highest score will indicate preference. On the other hand, of the combination of preferences in each of the dimensions originates a personality pattern, called psychological type that is represented by the four letters that determine their preferences.