A child newborn is sterile but can still develop a fever. The natural approach of the body is simple. The body temperature rises to fight an underlying intrusion by a foreign harmful substance or bacteria. Fever is a natural effort of the immune system to kill the Antigen. A holistic practitioner will leave that below 102 fever run its course at least a day, giving instructions to give your child plenty of liquids and let the fever do its work unless some additional symptoms are dangerous. A child has been taught that hygiene to fanatical levels, are more prone to disease. The human body has its own immune system and an occasional touch of bacteria really helps in boosting immunity acquired in children. Vulnerability to disease and the speed with which we heal ourselves, strongly relates to the health of the immune system.

The emphasis should be on increasing immunity rather than seek antibiotics everytime we get sick. Despite all this, human beings will still fall ill and require treatment because not all bacteria are friendly. Herbal antibiotics, with their complex antibiotic compounds have demonstrable characteristics which include destruction of bacteria, including some drug-resistant bacteria also. Although many antibiotics have been ordered rendered the Kingdom of plants, scientists tend to isolate and use only a lonely compound they feel is the strongest. The synergy of the compounds is so lost in the resulting antibiotic. herbs for immune system are complex compounds that bacteria cannot be used for its own metabolism, a feature that the antibiotics synthetics do not possess.

Convencionalistas tend to poke fun at the use of herbal antibiotics. Without entering into a discussion of terminology, we must look at the advantages of the herbs, which our ancestors were used successfully. Instead of centrar us in drugs for specific diseases, it is much better to change the direction of progress and teach our children to take a form of natural life.