Kirchner Government

But as they raise as much Melconian as Ferreres, the alternative for Argentina is the old man and known the IMF, that is not going to deny its aid to the country, it will do but it under certain conditions. It will be the prepared country to pay the price that to him the IMF imposes to attend it financially? This price consists of being transparent the statistics of the INDEC, which implies majors payments of money for payments of services of the debt fit by inflation. Also it implies to decide with those bond possesors in default that did not accept at the time the exchange of the debt, which can imply majors erogaciones in the short term for payments of capital and services of the debt. Also it implies to remember the promise that was done the Club to him of Paris and to negotiate repago of the debt (more dollars to do against this obligation). And by all means, some conditions more of those than usually impose the IMF as it is it a greater fiscal discipline. Sincerely, I believe that badly an agreement with the IMF would not come to him to the country that so imposes this series to him of conditions of way of that Argentina begins to put together its international relations and the health of its economy. But the fragility situation in which it is, does difficult to think that it can to assume as much weight. So that to the Argentine government it turns out to him advisable to try an approach with the IMF, without doubts the offered aid would have to be important.

The dilemma that faces the government to return to depend every time on the IMF finds less margin since the sources of additional resources of which the government was worth, are being run out quickly. It is the IMF or the abyss, thinks some. Others, as one considered within the possible ways that the government, think that they can return to see those old woman policies of the years 80s that perhaps extend the agony of the economy, but that without doubts will end up taking it to the collapse. Next to the shady panorama that anticipated, the economists left in the air the following question: Will finish to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner their mandate? I hope that by the good of the democracy, yes. Nstor Kirchner said recently: When they vote, remembers the sound of the helicopter (in reference at the end of the mandate of Of the Ra). Sincerely I believe that also from government, when they decide the course that will continue having the Argentine economy, must remember very that noise of the helicopter.