Learning Permanent

Many times we are witnessing that persevering people are more successful than the smart. -Learning Permanent all persons should be open to learning throughout life. I do not mean only the formal learning which are taught in different training centres. What I want to express is that there are different modalities of staying informed and not distant knowledge. Today, it is easier to be self-taught, not only through the reading of texts, or the conversation with personal enlightenment, also we can do it through different media as well: the newspapers, the radio, visiting various searchers on the Internet according to our interest and the world today in general… The important thing is to keep always innovative information, as a means of support to achieve our purposes. -Having No emotional intelligence will go into details in this respect, as already it was reason for another article, here only I must highlight the importance of d knowing interrelate with each other. A key aspect in this case is knowledge to listen.

Frequently we love just to be heard. If this practice valuable art of listening, you can obtain more information and it will be more easy to take the most analyzed and deliberate decisions. On the other hand, you win greater esteem and appreciation. Equally valued is the ability to communicate with each other with clarity. Do not be afraid to expose your ideas, because not always know everything to change, you can learn more, solving your doubts.

Another very valuable skill is assertiveness, i.e. that your you can express freely what you think, you feel about something, especially when you try your rights and of course without offending anyone, without losing the respect and the atmosphere of friendliness or warmth that must occur in the interaction. Say not, it is possible, and it should not cost you, provided that you know that it is more positive for you, consequently not have to worry it for that reason. You will often find embarrassing situations and if you know how to control your emotions will be well rid of them. -Practice of good habits likely to stressful situations are frequent on the road towards your goals, by the which you must orient yourself to the practice of habits that will help you to personal growth, both physical and mentally.Make your favorite sports especially, walks, gymnastics, swimming, among others. Undoubtedly the recreation in its different forms generates many benefits, as well as a balanced diet and at certain times. He thinks that success requires a fee of constant personal effort, great joy and a good dose of patience. If you take into account these guidelines that have allowed the change in people’s lives, you can be sure of you can realize your dreams more than once.