Left Forces Goes

In Simferopol, a conference of the Crimean Republican Party organization "Union of Left Forces," and that representatives of local party organizations from all cities and areas of autonomy, approved its list of candidates in Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC as to a multi-, single-seat majority and constituencies. At the beginning of the conference was delivered by the leader of the Union Address Left Vasili Volga to the Crimean party members. Recall Vasili Volga was the chairman of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Gromadska control." In early 2008, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered, created and led by a new party, the Union of Left Forces. Less than three years the party has come a long way to go. For example, a huge number of political parties, only twelve have participated in past presidential elections. Among them – the Union of the Left Bloc in the left and center-left forces. At these elections the party is on their own. At present, the head of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, Vasili Volga is the guardian of the interests of depositors bankrupt credit unions and establish order in the elimination of debt insurance companies before grazhdanami.V Addressing the conference, party leader stressed: "In these elections the Union of Left Forces throughout the country goes with the program of municipal socialism. We believe that all life issues, education, health care, community issues, environmental issues, etc., the citizens should decide themselves on level of the territorial community, where to dispose of money and completely control them.