Lima Grandson

It arrived at the conclusion of that the increase of the trick would justify a rise of only 7.3% in spread, almost the half of 13% applied by the banks. Throughout the five months searched for the Fiesp, the expenditures of the Brazilians with payment of interests had added R$ 152,6 billion, as the BC. In the accounts of the Fiesp, this expense must have been of R$ 144,3 billion. According to entity, about R$ 8,2 exceeding billion corresponds to the unjustified increases of spread. Differently of what they say the banks, the high FIESP considers that spreads (difference enters the tax of interests charged by the banks and the one that they pay to catch resources) effective in the Country is that they cause the insolvency, and not contrary it. The institution observes that the banks had increased spread because they are working with the perspective of that the insolvency goes to increase this year still more.

‘ ‘ It is a prophecy that if autorrealiza.’ ‘ Happily the government has defended public a sped up reduction of the Selic, as form to stimulate the Brazilian economy to cross world-wide the financial crisis of the best possible form. As much that president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva fired Antonio Francisco de Lima Grandson from the presidency of the Bank of Brazil, for cause exactly of the high taxes of interests and spread charged by the institution. The business is to wait to see which will be the position of the banks after the meeting of the COPOM of this week. Mine it bets is that the arm fall is only starting.