Literal Appropriations

* Citation: To cite is to transcribe, literally the words of another one. This occurs when we want, in a opinativo text, for example, to comment, to disagree or or to endorse the idea of another person. When citing a text is necessary to detach it of some form (with quotations marks, for example) is to indicate the reference (the source of the text). * Parody: It consists of the appropriation of a text and the creation of a new, that it inverts the direction of the original. In music the parody, generally, possesss the direction to scoff, to criticize, to offend, to amuse, etc. *Parfrase: When paraphrase of a text becomes does not create a new direction. In contrast, the paraphrase must keep as much as possible, the directions of the original text. In the daily life and the school, we use, many times, the paraphrase. It occurs when we count the plot of a film for somebody, when we repeat an explanation of the professor or when we summarize a text any.