Let's try to understand what the logo design, corporate identity development and how this happens. The most popular design approach logo, implies that the work on the logo starts with choosing the basis of the so-called idea of the form, closest to the concept of the company. It is likely that this form will be, including the combination of forms, or some atypical point of view. Probably the selected form will cause multiple associations, and possibly vice versa, will be 100% clear. Another equally popular, the approach provides that the logo development starts with creation of his text, when the designer, varying fonts, shapes, sizes, forms the most interesting version of the submission using the form of text.

At the same time, always keep in mind that the text of the logo combined with graphic elements, or not, in any case must be legible even at small font sizes. Regardless of the approach after that, as found by the developed form of the logo, select your its color. Accepted believe that when designing a logo, as, incidentally, is the development of corporate identity, the simpler the color, the better. Ideally designed logo should be one color or shades of one color. After all, it is including the need to be used in that version, for example, on the checks, photocopies, faxes. Moreover, a color that will enhance, maintain the shape of the logo, that is, for example, depicting three-dimensional cube need to pick up such possible color shades for each of its sides, which would be as close to reality. At the same time, at least in conceptual designing a logo and contrast applied, for example, The font, color, texture and size.

Developing a logo or corporate identity, you should avoid unnecessary complexity and confusion, the logo should be as generic and simple. Again, even in small sizes logo all its parts must be easily distinguishable. After all, the logo placed on the card should also benefit, to perform any of their direct functions, as mentioned above. Final, last step in the development of the logo is 'test' – to assess how the perceived logo in different sizes, fonts, everything is readable, if all its graphical elements retain meaning, do not differ whether its printed form and a version for the network from each other. Sure, that briefly described above stages of work on the development of corporate identity and, in particular, the logo, despite its apparent simplicity can be, can only be done by professionals. Only very qualified specialist will be able to meet all the necessary 'formalities' in designing a logo and create for you, for your business on this high-quality, interesting logo, which will have a visual strength and harmony, which will be appreciated, not only specialists but also your customers and clients, including the potential.