Obelix, when he was baby fell inside will caldero of it of magical portion, thus acquiring a sobrehumana force. That figure that finishes to see, must have fallen some times inside of it will caldero when baby. Looking at it now it was impossible to imagine that some day it except a simple and innocent baby. After a certain stopped time, knowing if it did not capsize and it left running or if it said something, hears it to it crying out some thing for detrs of flares, with the red face all which had to the heat of the stove, but it does not obtain to understand right and another one chef perceiving its diculdade, shows to it where it would have to work, pointing two tanks, its left that were well in the exit of the kitchen. But it was only obtained to see part of the two taps, therefore the tanks already were full of pans, vazilhas and trays of all types sizes spread for the soil. Thousand of plates and places setting.

It soon clothes exchange and starts its fight. The tank, as it could notice almost in all London reutaurantes gave in the height of its thighs. Not because it was high, but all the tanks of kitchen had this height standard, what it finished with column of any one, for having that obligatorily to bend over itself to make the service. Another peculiariadade was the taps. One with escaldante hot water, the point of it to pull out the skin and to other, always moved away laterally, with frozen water the ten negative degrees, that was impossible to work separately with them, but it had to choose which would prefer, generally it alternated. It started in the hot one and later it went for the cold and vice it turns. (not wise person because in London hot and cold water never they joined themselves).