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We have one objective in mind: to provide tools for growth for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our management systems and web pages serve two fundamental functions in any business, regardless of size: improve the process of the Informacionla resource optimization has become essential in any business who wants to grow, and even that he wants to continue to exist. Our systems help you to save money, more control, and sort the information in order to gain access to clients that were inaccessible in the past. Expand territoriosNuevos clients bought each day by companies that found on the internet through search engines. Our web sites will help you to be among the first so more people and companies are aware of their products and services. Our services will try to cover some specific and their critical business areas.Our desire to is be part of your team and make the best of our knowledge and experience for the growth of your company.Feel free to contact us with any questions or you query, using the contact details in the footer or the last form of Contacto.Por, we invite you to know us a little more in section about us. Mission: We make software.

We want to serve the Argentine companies creating systems that minimize efforts and maximize the performance of your actions. Our systems are clear, intuitive and easy to use.In summary, our software removes complex to the work of our clients. Vision: We want to be number one in Argentina software manufacturer. With this objective in mind, we want to focus on those projects that challenge us to a higher level of creativity and knowledge to grow as individuals and as a team. Values: TransparenciCuando the current currency is corruption, honesty seems to be a virtue. However, transparency should be as common as normal. As a company we try to daily give example to our customers and suppliers to positively influence our society.

SencillezSe says that the simplest answer is usually the correct. Be complicated is counterproductive. We simply don’t want to complicate us, rather we want to make life easy for our customers. Good voluntadEstamos available to those who need us. We are here to serve. We believe that what we sow, also reap. It is not that we do not charge our projects, but we do not work to collect, we work to serve others. Empatiaentendemos that internalize in the context and situation is essential to think in a consistent solution. We offer each customer solutions that serve each customer. CriterioPensamos our projects with judgment and discernment, taking extreme care regarding subsequent action. I.e., we distinguish between a good and a bad decision to avoid them a problem and give an advantage to our customers. Should why choose Whisper? Because more than seven years of learning and experience in the market will be at the service of our customers. Because we have sufficient tools and capacity to add value to your business. Because honesty and seriousness are not optional.