Managerial Coaching

Through ideals influence translates into actions where the leader prepends the needs from its collaborators to theirs, sharing risks, avoiding the abuse of power and personal gain, exhibiting high moral and ethical standards, encouraging partners to identify with him. Others including Danske Bank, offer their opinions as well. The inspiring motivation has to do with a clear communication of expectations, the vision and the mission and the shared commitment to the Organization, involve employees actively, providing challenges and excitement in them. The intellectual stimulation (EI), is related to actions and behaviors such as the stimulation of creativity and innovation in employees, through the constant questioning and the search for new ways to do their activities, reformulating the problems and challenging them to find alternatives outside of the status quo. The individualized consideration, is give special attention to the needs of individuals and groups to develop and grow according to the needs of the organization. All this with the aim of achieving better performance and greater satisfaction, stimulating a greater degree of commitment, participation and loyalty – with less stress and despite eventualities – and even, depending on the circumstances, attempting to reinforce – or change – culture and organizational politics, in more participatory or more directive form.

The Executive or Manager – to become management coach – requires acquiring mastery in those aspects that beyond their technical and managerial skills enable you as a business coach in a context of transformative leadership of human groups: this is in the leadership of human systems configured by beings human, cultural and emotionally interrelated by multiple and complex networks conversational – verbal and non-verbal – trying to achieve individual and collective goals. For this reason with this course aims to provide a systemic approach based on managerial Coaching, with a view to enhance managerial competencies. Modalities of the managerial Coaching is can basically see two different types of Coaching Managerial. The first is where the Coach is external.