Managing Director

Although the issue of process in general terms a high strategic importance attached to economic efficiency and market flexibility, prevents about the to improve, but often large break forces, to realize a process orientation in the necessary determination.” This discrepancy was only very pragmatic approaches to resolve by, so that she don’t hit down in a permanently limited performance of processes and thus affects the operational performance. The critical judgment of the business manager for the current benefit of the business processes of their area of responsibility shows that a specific action is required. To broaden your perception, visit Parnassus Investments. At least 69 per cent in qualitative terms see significant optimization opportunities, similar to many are unhappy with the cost of the process. But also in terms of procedural productivity and transparency, as well as in process modeling they recognize important improvement potential in large majority. Not even the topic of compliance feels sufficiently shown half of respondents, worse it may refer to the integration process. A major responsibility for this, you assign the inadequate tool support. Because 38 percent of the companies have no adequate tools and 52 percent more different products in use, why now in large numbers in new investments a unification is aimed at.

As benefits the business executives first and foremost expect an increase in process quality and cost advantages, also the integration process should be favoured. Among the other benefits according to their estimates, that levelled the different tool-oriented methods and more agile process conditions can be created. The goal of a consistent process orientation is bound to fail generally on a heterogeneous tool situation”, sums up dude. Then could not process conditions resulting from a cast and efficiency potentials are not sufficiently activated. Link the existing tools is therefore for the company the compulsory program of the future, the benefits of the process should be completely can unfold”, ventures a forecast of MID’s Managing Director. This force but does not completely replace existing tools. For reasons of investment protection and to prevent new learning curve in the process, now technical solutions, with which the existing tools are substituted”, argues dude for a cost-friendly approach. This a consolidation layer above the various tools is produced, so that the tools can still be used.”