Marcel Brion Art

Light of province, that that a fresh embrace of water names forever, as evoked Carlos Mastronardi. Learn more on the subject from Jay Glazer. Guillermo Bekes is also a poet. Absorbed in the contemplation that pushes him to the center of the experiences, and a hidden miracle of art, pristine moistened pen becomes brush grassed, obeying to the resonances of contacts with nature, everytime your artist, and sensitive spirit reveals shiftable occurrences of certain provincial corners that hug each other with water. The partial trace of the nature, trapped with intentionality by the mandate of the eye, sets up a landscape. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Zion Williamson. However the landscape, much different from the rest of the existing spontaneous natural, does not exist. Celina Dubin insists that this is the case. In the territories of art painter shall point out conventional ends to show as arrested transience; that was its origin, when it appeared as a decoration.

Since van Goyen, and van Ruisdael in the 17TH century to the contemporary plastic arts are wrong-headed – congratulations – in draw and paint the non-existent; Another indecipherable Mystery of the art. Fragmenting the changing extension of the model to evoke the whole, is a provocation. Guillermo Bekes causes the decrease to the enigma, hierarchy the course covered lands and tranquil waters, guarded by heavens willing to change. The Aristotelian potentiality of nature updates, and emerges the image of the landscape. From birth, your existing be reflects an intentional consciousness that made it possible.

Bekes recreated fragments of his American Arcadia, attesting to the extents of naturalism. The artist noted in such category, must imitate nature. Mimic was a word beloved by Renaissance. During century XIX Cezanne appreciated it, tried to work South you motif. But imitation is the concept; the artist will do the rest. Stopping once again wander from his gaze, Bekes intuits that is in front of the full reason for meaning in a place and a moment, a living being, the portrait of a piece of nature, I would say Marcel Brion. Make art tends to create portraits. The models, hidden in the shadows or exposed to light, are the artists themselves. Rembrandt wants to be supreme example. To set a style, while PT Bekes is still plotting his own profile. Subtle and profound wish to focus particularly on the influence of light on the color of things. Land, water, skies, say how the painter Guillermo Bekes sees things. If his transcendent self-absorption had not emerged valuable images, confident sentences to an interior landscape, would sound like an against edge of little harmonic sounds. Seeking to experience the counterpoint, it aspires to sing in harmony with the expressive intensity of light, between rivers and Argentine landscapes.