Marketing Edition

The propaganda is the presentation of the product to the public, in the TV, radio, billboard, divulging the product through microphones, also is a specific way of being to present an information, with the objective to serve an agenda. 2 – Not, because to take care of to the necessities and the desires of the consumer it is essential, the product, price, square and promotion, each one of these item is importantssimos in the process of Marketing, these item are that they go to take the company to the success and to make it the high level in the market. 3-Yes is very important, because through these research we will know who is and what it wants our customers, the customer is a very demanding consumer, each time more searching optimum for its consumption, always searching optimum product. Stakeholders? Stakeholder or, in Portuguese, interested person, mentions all to it the involved ones in a process, for example, customers, collaborators, investors, suppliers, community, etc. The process in question can be of temporary character (as a project) or lasting (as the business of a company or the mission of a non-profit organization). The success of any enterprise depends on the participation of its interested people and therefore it is necessary to assure that its expectations and necessities are known and considered by the administrators. In general way, these expectations involve satisfaction of necessities, financial compensation and ethical behavior.

An organization that it intends to have a steady and lasting existence must simultaneously take care of to the necessities of all its interested people. To make this it needs to generate value, that is, the application of the used resources must generate a bigger benefit of what its total cost. The term ‘ ‘ stakeholders’ ‘ it was created to assign to all the people or companies who, in some way, are influenced by the actions of a didactic Material organization of the Unopar, Book; Beddings of MARKETING. Digital library; MARKETING principles. Kotler, Philip and KELLER, Kevim. Administration of Marketing Edition. So Paulo: Prentince Hall, 2006 – Kotler, Philip and ARMSTRONG, Gary.