Medicine And Psychology

In medicine and psychology, have taught us that above all must be finished with the symptoms. Elon Musk has compatible beliefs. If a patient has a fever, you should get rid immediately, forgetting that this fever, for example, is a defense mechanism of the body against the presence of a virus. According to my point of view, the doctor must be next to the patient monitor that fever, for not reaching a temperature that might make him convulse. Its function is the accompany and facilitate the defense mechanism that fever represents, trying to understand globally, what you is happening to that patient in particular. Any symptom goes against the psyche of any patient or in other words: what happens to a patient through the symptom, it is the least bad thing that can happen. If I ask for what serves you pain when you break you arm, surely answer me that you for anything at all, however; If you reflect a little, you will see that thanks to pain, do not move the arm because if you do it, romperias you, muscles, nerves, tendons, etc. and the problem would be much more serious. Therefore, nature that is very wise, has launched the mechanism of pain to avoid greater evils.

The same thing happens in our unconscious mind, which always looks less bad for us and that, in general, it isn’t obvious. For the purposes of this course, let’s see what was said with a series of clinical examples: imagine you’re climbing up a mountain and that logically to ascending, the concentration of oxygen is less. Your body to adapt to the hostility of the environment, begins to generate a symptom which is Dyspnea (breathing panting, quick and shallow). For someone who was watching you, you would think that you’re very badly; When in reality that shortness of breath, it is a defense mechanism that generates your body to pump more oxygen, and so to combat its deficit.