Sardinia is a land that loves hosting visitors. It is made know slowly but it gives a great warmth instead. Their insularity is its character. One characteristic that it necessarily limited and at the same time a point of strength. It is not easy to achieve and those who live there know it and the economy suffers. The sea surrounds it and marks it with the grace of a sweet hug. But, above all, your position gives you an identity that manifests itself in its nature, its history and its immense cultural heritage. First thing that strikes visitors arriving in Sardinia are their colors, the color of a crystalline sea, a clear sky, the Mediterranean scrub and Earth, sometimes arid, sometimes Rocky, sometimes crossed by unexpected rivers.

But even most unique are its perfumes, sea and Mediterranean vegetation, wood and mountains. Sardinia, land of flavours to discover then surprise you and miss you, despite being bathed by a beautiful sea, is not fishing but agriculture and grazing land. The B & B are a good solution in terms of hospitality and opportunity to meet the typical Sardinia. Especially during the summer, choose a b & b in Sardinia, in the municipalities of coastal areas or in the internal zones, is a way of combining elements such as economy, authenticity and comfort. The hospitality of the B & B, usually family, is obviously linked to the specific nature of the owners, but in Sardinia it is hard not to find this sacred ingredient.

This type of structures found in all corners of Sardinia, in the city, the sea, internal zones, the choice is wide and you can find the most suitable to your idea of vacation. Please bear in mind that the B & B are an excellent opportunity, if not the at times, only to stay in areas that are poorly equipped with facilities such as hotels, resorts and residences due to its location and little comfort. The bed and breakfast, therefore, allow you to follow the less known routes living in comfortable environments that reflect the traditions and history of one very old and enchanting land.