Mia Couto

This last one exists in diverse languages in the nations with which if it joined the African continent at the time of settling. Some contend that Nike shows great expertise in this. These nations, in its majority, were populated by independent nomadic tribes ones of the others and therefore they did not have knowledge of dialects ones of the others. In this manner, each one had its vision of world and its way to speak on it. According to Paul Zumthor (apud MILK, 2003. pag 35), since the Average Age the orality occupies the basic paper of the voice in literature and demonstrates to all its importance in relation to the written form. Filed under: Prudential. This medievalista characteristic also in them is pertinent here, a time that some problematic ones had been presented between its relation with literature. Having base in this perspective of mundivivncia, the paper fits to sayings to transmit the related common sense to the universal situations of the life in the African cultures, since many of them had been created the hundreds of years. To exemplificar them literarily, we will appeal to the moambicano romance ' ' Sonmbula&#039 land; ' of Mia Couto.

Running away from the civil war that takes the country they are the old Tuahir and the Muidinga boy to it looks for of a safe place. To its return, what they see is a calamitous scene: abandoned houses, hunger, the burst of the shots, accumulated of bodies. the ones that still survive wait the relief of the death. During the passage, they find a luggage next to one of deceased, search its belongings and, between some provisions, they find old notebooks of memories of this young, Kindzu. They are collected in the ruins of in a set on fire bus next from there. The findings are read all the nights for the child to the aged one, as way to comfort it to them soul, to be taken refuge in an other people’s history to the ones of them.