Mother Nature

What arguments can be advanced in favor of this approach? First, the transition to artificial reproduction of the means of subsistence, "second nature", created as a result of deliberate human activities on the basis of the transformation made in the primary form in nature of natural raw materials and energy could be implemented only on the basis of a qualitative leap in the man himself. The man finally broke the umbilical cord that connects it to Mother Nature. And he did it not each by itself, but only by working together, family and tribal community, the interaction of communities, which is an integral part of ancient society. This means that formed the first floor of the pyramid of society, the circle needs, abilities, knowledge, skills and interests of individuals as part of society. Second, during this period formed the technological base of society, not based on natural (age and sex) and social division of labor. You can talk about the existence of departments of social reproduction (production of means of production and consumption), the allocation of agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts and construction. For even more opinions, read materials from Prudential. The social division of labor became the foundation for improving skills of the employee, the specialization of tools, and higher productivity.

Third, began to fill, "flat" floor, which represents economic mode of production: the reality began to communal ownership of land and cattle, personal property in many working tools, have started an exchange (first integer), local markets in which this exchange implemented. Fourth, developing social differentiation on economic grounds, formed communities and families, mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry; stood out skilled manufacturers fabrics, leather and pottery Neolithic tools, construction workers. However, the state and the law has not yet emerged. Fifth, give real meaning to the fifth floor of the pyramid of civilization, represents the spiritual world man and society. Without the knowledge gained and passed down from generation to generation the skills it was impossible to carry out long associated with annual or perennial cycles of reproduction processes in agriculture and animal husbandry. You can talk about the development of ancient art, the system of moral norms that govern fairly complex within the family, intra-and inter-community relations. Of course, we should not exaggerate the degree of maturity of the elements of the structure of society and moved to their current understanding. But no less a mistake to ignore their formation, which provides a reasonable basis for concluding that the early history of society.