Munich District Court

RA Grundler is subject to country Court Munich lawyer Dirk Grundler is subject to local court with an injunction. Mr. Grundler had recommended a client send an injunction to force the publication of the location of his towed car. While the District Court of Munich in a first procedural law gave Mr. Grundler and his client, these documents now in a trial before the District Court against the Park rooms KG. Starting point was the following: a driver had parked his car verbotswidrig in a private parking lot. Through a contract with the parking lot owner, the Park rooms KG has enabled this vehicle by towing companies. Additional information at COF supports this article.

The naming of the site wanted to, as usual, make the Park rooms KG only after payment of the fees due. The car owner had tried then after a fortnight-long, futile, search to his car about Mr a restraining order to obtain lawyer Garrard at the District Court. With this available parking spaces KG should be forced to announce the location after the deposit of a security fee of only 120.-EUR by the car holder. The District Court gave Mr. Grundler and his clients right. The security deposit is sufficient and the restraining order forbid the holder before an unacceptable abdication of his car. In a judgment of the District Court of Munich I, this judgment was now completely lifted. While the following points were clarified: the Park rooms KG of course has a right of retention.

A restraining order is not allowed, because the holder can find the site at any time deposit a deposit in the amount of 110% of the due amount. A restraining order is allowed only if no site is called despite depositing the security charge. Or to be able to make if the creditor is in danger, by the Decree no longer assert its claims.