Municipal Agents

In hardly two hours and " without incidentes" , an unfolding of 300 antiriot and municipal agents, followed of a legion of street cleaners of the municipal service, has finished and so it was of the Movement 15-M in the Stroll of the Prado and the Door of the Sun of Madrid. The decision to evacuate to the last ones encamped in both zones (58 in the first and Sun some thirty, according to police calculations) took &quot yesterday; of way conjunta" the City council and the Department of the Interior, have informed to this newspaper a municipal spokesman. Both institutions " they have decided, preparation and ejecutado" in common agreement the operation. Between the mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn, and the minister, Antonio Camacho, &quot is one; total sintona". The Delegation of the Government – who from the rise of the great one encamped the 12 of June maintained that the informative large cabin that followed still on it was a municipal subject against the Town hall, that maintained that it was a question of " order pblico" – it has not taken part, safe to execute the order. Source of the news: : Evacuated without incidents indignant of Prado and the Sun