National Assembly Wage

Now well, according to comments that are around the draft of the new Bill envisages the reduction of working time and social benefits retroactive. Really will that help benefit our working class?We ask us, and doing an imaginary exercise the adoption without analyzing long enough, the reduction of working time which could be the response of the business sector in the crisis and uncertainty that exists in the country? And if they decide after carrying out simulation calculations, they come to the conclusion that most suits them invest in technology surcharge of workmanship, as our level of employment is?. The remedy that the disease would not be worse. The invitation is good so that we are on the lookout, what we need is to create more and better employment opportunities and this gets accomplished is increasing domestic investment, production and labor productivity, increasing our exports and reducing the imports. It also says that with the entry into force of the new Organic Labour Act (LOT), being made in the bosom of the National Assembly (AN), it will be compulsory to make every year an adjustment to the minimum wage taking into account the national index of prices to the consumer and the value of the food basket. Precisely on this Deputy Oswaldo Vera, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the AN Integral Social development.

Thereon is pronounced by pointing out, that this provision will ensure that all years those who earn minimum wage can enjoy an increase in their incomes according to the economic situation which front the country. But this measure, despite being compulsory, will leave to the discretion of the President of the Republic decide as soon as per cent will be given these wage improvements. Deputy also believed that the development of mechanisms that allow end impunity in labour matters is another point of greater importance in the law. It is the establishment of sanctions to prevent employers from using legal formulas for evading the responsibilities of employees and ensure that they receive different benefits, salary or not, stipulating the new legislative text. adds on this topic, a point in favour of workers under this law will be that associated with absolute stability. This section will approach that no worker may be dismissed without having previously dismissed rating issued by the Chambers of labour. In the new LOT will supervise and penalized those companies that engage in the simulation in order to evade commitments with their employees. I.e. that outsourcing as a form of subpagar people, it will be prohibited expressly in this brand new legal establishment.