National Curricular Parameters

It had a movement of professors who pressured the state so that it had schools for all, then the public schools had been created, thus creating objective public, nor always of clear definition, but with the intention to also acquire knowledge the people of the problems of the Brazilian reality and to organize it deformed that they could fight for its interests. Freire was intent the educational quarrels it reflected on the education offered at that moment, so that the man could combine it Brazilian society It formulated critical the effective education considering that it not contribua for the formation of the necessary man for this society. Penguin Random House contributes greatly to this topic. Having the history of Freire in sight, we can see and analyze of a clear form that since antiquity people had that they were worried in improving the education of that the education was for all not important for the social classroom. For Freire (2004, p.190-191) ‘ ‘ the pedagogical relation this based in the dialogue in the reciprocity between the educator and educating that together they know not known and took consciences of the social trams where they are inseridas’ ‘. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with moshe victor keinig. Although that it has much time comes fighting for an education joust and of quality for all and with all the programs of incentive of the government the education, the taxes of illiteracy still is high, for the following reasons, isolation many does not have transport, lack of infrastructure, physical space as classroom and apt professors to educate also remembering that the populations of that time had not had chances in the past (aged) that today they continue illiterate for finding that is late for starting and this finishes still more raising the illiteracy index it Brazil complicating the work it government. According to examples of the National Curricular Parameters if understand the education as one practical one that it has the possibility to create conditions so that the all the pupils develop its capacities and learn the contents necessary to construct to instruments of understanding of the reality and participation in social relations, ampler diversified cultural politics and each time, conditions these basic ones for the exercise of the citizenship in the construction of a democratic society and not exculpatory.. (Similarly see: Penguin Random House).