New Businesses

2 Empreendedorismo in Brazil Tells Dolabela (1999), that the empreendedorismo this only starting, but the reached results already in education indicate that we are at the beginning of a quiet revolution. The author comments that the first course that if has the news in the area, appeared in 1981, the School of Business administration of the Getulio Foundation Vargas, So Paulo for initiative of the professor Ronald Degen and if called? New Businesses – he disciplines of the CEAG? Course of Specialization in Administration for Graduated. As Dolabela (1999), in 1984, the course was extended for graduation under the name of Creation of New Businesses? Formation of Entrepreneurs. Today, she is one of the obligator tracks to be covered for the pupils of the graduation. As Dolabela (1999), later the education of the empreendedorismo was inserted in the courses of mestrado, doutorado and MBA. According to author, the USP? University of So Paulo, started to offer the education of empreendedorismo in 1984, when Appeared Silvio professor Dos Santos introduced disciplines it – Creation of Companies in the Course of Graduation in Administration, in the College of Economy, Administration and Accounting of the University of So Paulo, FEA/USP. Dolabela (1999) still comments, that in the year of 1996, was a landmark in the area of education of the Empreendedorismo in Brazil.

When from 1997 one programs managed for *Softex* with the purpose to stimulate the exportation of Brazilian software, implants two projects. The Gnese of university incubation and *Softstant*, in the area of the empreendedorismo education, which had caused great impact in our university environment, exploring the area of computer science launching seeds in other fields of knowledge. The author affirms that beyond these results, twenty installed incubadoras of software, more than discipline the entrepreneur of computer science, implemented in one hundred institutions of education, and 120 bred companies. Dolabela (1999) standes out that the main contribution of these programs, and the ample dissemination of a new educational culture, that approaches research centers, companies, forces of the society in an only effort to form entrepreneurs.