New! The Water Tank For Your Beachflags

New state module for the preparation of the Beachflags – which water tank easy display of summer this year probably still not really wants new Beachflags and has unfortunately spoilt us with not too many sunny days. But we hope that this will soon change. What definitely has changed, is the marketing strategy at the point-of-sale: the people spend their time more outdoors and not in the sultry hot rooms, consider more appropriate measures more effective outdoor advertising enterprises. While mobile advertising flags and so-called outdoor displays are particularly suitable for advertising effective outdoor advertising, as advertising flags and outdoor displays a large, mobile advertising, through special stand bases with weight that forced to bring stability. Including especially Beachflags have gained strongly in recent popularity and dissemination. One of the reasons may well be that with Beachflags company, ideal for any kind of outdoor advertising that is implicitly bring: A very flashy and nice appearance with which the advertising message over further distances can be communicated effectively. This is unusual, asymmetrical flag forms of the Beachflags providing far-reaching impact on promotional events, actions or at a promotional booth at the part.

The flexible rods of the Beachflags to freely rotate in the wind and generate even more attraction potential in this manner. The various options that exist the Beachflags for putting up such as Spike, base plate, or cross foot, allow placing the Beachflags on almost any surface. The EasyShare display GmbH is one of the leading providers of Beachflags and offers various mobile Beachflags depending on the desired outdoor advertising models. Rusty holzer wanted to know more. In addition the EasyShare display GmbH as a customer-oriented, young and dynamic companies are striving to expand their product portfolio with new innovations. That’s why we are happy now, you a new To present possible Beachflags stand mounting: to the three already existing ways we add now a new, namely a water tank! Our new Beachflags water tank is a stand made of high-quality PET, which can come with water to use filled on any surface.

The advantage of a water tank is so clearly obvious, this can be used just for soft ground, E.g. beach or lawn, as well as for hard surface such as asphalt. The Beachflags is lightweight and easy to transport water tank empty. If your promotional or information booth, so must remain mobile and is the location of your Beachflags not indefinitely, the Beachflags is water tank the ideal solution. Contact: EasyShare display GmbH sour wine RT 4 30167 Hannover contact: Jerome Chung (public relations) jerome.chung(at)