New Zealand Tom Mockridge

The New Zealand Mockridge assumes the control of News International. The executive has had hard enfreamientos with Silvio Berlusconi. The New Zealand Tom Mockridge, advisor until now delegated of Sky Italy, will assume the same position in News International after the resignation of Rebekah Brooks, director of News of the World when the dominical Briton realised illegal listening. Mockridge has been 20 years tie to the empire of Rupert Murdoch. After initiating his race like journalist in New Zealand and Australia, where it was j of section of economy of the newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, it left the press temporarily to become adviser of Australian prime minister Paul Keating when this he was economy minister. When announcing today its appointment, James Murdoch, person in charge of News Corporation in Europe and Asia and son of Rupert, assured that " Tom is a magnificent executive with an unbeatable experience in the business of the media and televisin". Father of two children, Mockridge arrives at the United Kingdom to become position of News International, British branch of News Corporation, in a while really delicate but with the reputation of to have consolidated Sky in Italy, where the digital platform of television has five million subscribers. In addition, the executive has demonstrated ability to work in delicate situations, carrying out hard confrontations with Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, owner also of a mediatic group, Mediaset. Source of the news: The strong man of Murdoch in Italy replaces Rebekah Brooks in News International