Nowadays Denominate Christians

MOVEMENT SHIFT STUNED UNDER ANY SECT THAT SAYS CHRISTIAN. Conclusion When all religious faith in lies has vanished, it must that the man has approached more itself and has moved away of. God. ; more close to. Devil. If this is what the devil represents, and a man lives his life in the shade on the devil, yet the vigor of Satn moving its meat, then better than escapes of I cluck and the critic-nothing of those who denominates .justos., or remains proudly in its secret Earth places and manipulates to the masses stuned through its own one to be able satanic, until the day in which it can pronounce in all their splendor, proclaiming. I AM A SATANISTA, INCLINAOS, BECAUSE I AM MAS THE HIGH PERSONIFICATION OF THE HUMAN LIFE.

(Satanic Bible) From this conclusion we would have to analyze to what extent the Satanism has taken to be able in the churches from the world. Acptese or multitude of preachers is not more famous than the film actors; their events are great shouts, where sometimes the preacher during one hour or but it does not use the bible. Nevertheless the stuned masses are seen. For it is possible to be attended any other place to listen of positive attitude. About this we will say that at the believers them a ticket is not due to watch like a, as to an entrance it pays, and that therefore they only represent a gain by each event. If the things continue thus; All the Earth industralists will make of the gospel a business, and the gospellers will make of the word of God a private interpretation in order create companies. If behind them there is no a satanic power, because they fill stages to burst? Unction! Unction! That is the answer, that they will give us.

And the churches small medians and that conserve the true doctrine, due to not filling stages lack unction? We remember that Satan is pleased with the multitudes, to are suitable million to him million upon the error. Or growing in grace it is the model to follow? International the charismatic mission is healthy doctrine? To case to if as they arrive they do not leave back by the door of that amount of turned assumptions? They are not sects ordered to please to the meat and to win with encounter, without it interests to train a Biblical being? Because the love to the money is the root of all class of the evils (1 Timoteo 6:10). The money serves and much, and more in material world where Capitalism is a God, but the problem this in idolizing the money, because use is made of the faith to please that wild love. Which not only loses to idolizes but also to its million followers. 2010 John Jairo Melo Naranjo – Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Original author and source of the article.