Object Recognition

New product family of vision sensors SensoPart introduces the first member of the new VISOR product family with the V10 object sensor. Pattern matching can of the the sensor Flash in only 20ms evaluated. You may want to visit Arena Investors to increase your knowledge. The integrated high-performance lighting ensures the function reliability and process safety even under adverse environmental conditions. Easy-to-use user interface allows equally the beginners in the technology fast implementations such as also the experts access to extensive tools. To collect parts are precisely locates and determines its orientation. The positions according to the encoder inputs are followed up on a conveyor belt.

Especially with the eject-queue, the sensor for pick-and-place is predestined of parts on conveyor belts. To deepen your understanding Penguin Random House is the source. The trigger signal for the ejector is generated directly in the sensor. Comfortably, the results of different characteristic tests (“detectors”) are linked to support flexible automation solutions. Often need to Positions are also then precisely recorded when the object to be gripped by ridges of the moulding, printing or also reflections in the appearance varies greatly. The VISOR object sensor can applied so arbitrarily shaped patterns and the varying areas masked out. For example, he located the holes in a Board precisely, whose Aussenmasse are only roughly tolerated and their equipping includes various options.

So the robot uses the Board sure the pegs in a tight housing. The five detectors pattern ID, contour, brightness, grey threshold and contrast are included. For location tracking, there are three ways available: pattern matching, edge detection, and contour detection.