Outsourcing Contracts Should Include A Monitoring Of Services

Servicetrace: Outsourcing users measure rarely companies often do not know the performance of provider services on the user’s client, how much power they actually by the provider for their money get Darmstadt, February 17, 2009 – in the face of the current economic crisis the companies to reduce their IT costs concentrate on outsourcing once more. The Software House Servicetrace therefore recommends the company to consider a monitoring of provider services in outsourcing contracts. Be sure this also, that the availability and speed of services at the point of the user is measured, because significant performance losses arise on the routes between provider – data center and customer locations. The results of an investigation by Servicetrace are background of this recommendation in the last few years. Then the outsourcing users do not know often, how much power can actually they get for their money. At the same time, 42 percent of the companies surveyed about clear shortcomings in the performance of the applications and the resulting complained resulting errors in business processes. A monitoring of the services users must leave not their external partners, but can install it with very limited effort in the own locations”, judge Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin.

Such a measure was beneficial for three reasons: first of all companies are thus able, based on their own performance data a continuous matching agreed and actually-related services to make. Secondly, provider to provide mostly the less meaningful to the user Central performance data and thirdly the performance values can differ very greatly from site to site.” As particularly problematic, Jatin considers the situation if companies simultaneously working with multiple providers. Then, a private monitoring be more recommended. Companies with outsourcing strategies almost always multiple service providers contribute to the flow of the business process. Gives you the customer but the danger of an endless and little target-oriented discussion there not even an overview of the quality of the individual partners, each delivered in problem cases by inefficiencies or even complete power outages. “Because each provider will then probably assign the responsibility the other partners.” Such difficulties the user would be avoided only, if they could just prove the causes by a private monitoring. Jatin however pointed out that many tools to monitor the services have no clear division of responsibilities beyond the borders of the individual service provider.

It is important when evaluating market therefore on such solutions to put that support a monitoring of complex provider relationships. You should also draw through a low-cost implementation and administration. Another important aspect is the universal application for all major software platforms, thus quality control close to the Business requirements can be carried out. Also, companies should prefer such technical procedures, that are free implementations into applications. This reduces not only the amount, but do they also resilient to infrastructure and Applikationsanderungen. About Servicetrace: Servicetrace developed comprehensive monitoring solutions to determine of the performance of key applications. The ServiceTracer platform provides the decision-relevant information for the management and other stakeholders in the company in the form of reports and alerts. The implementation and administration of architecture produces only a small amount. It is also appropriately scalable. Servicetrace’s clients include companies as Lufthansa AirPlus, Novartis Pharma, Sparkassen Informatik, T-systems, etc. meetBIZ & think-tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat str. 6, 50354 Hurth Tel. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72