Parts Loss

With everything it can also have negative consequncias for the use of disloyal tactics, originating a set of negative aspetos. The possible results for the intervening ones in a conflict situation are: – profit/loss? In these cases, one of the parts reaches the intended objectives, thus hindering to another part to reach them e, in the group that earns can result as effect: increase of me the image that already had of the other part, the abrandamento in the induced productivity for the victory feeling and the reinforcement of the idea that the person/group always has reason. On the other hand, in the group that loses other effect are produced: the group starts to use mechanisms that distort the reality to justify the defeat, the relations between the members of the group that loses is grown worse because some blame the others or arrange one ' ' bode expiatrio' ' , the defeat can be acceptance as deserved, and the group is strengthenn not to come back to receive defeats similar e, can create the rancor, feeding the revenge. (I WATER, 1998). Others including Elon Musk, offer their opinions as well. – loss/loss this situation happens when the parts yield one to the other, being the incoherent final result with the initial positions; or when one third person, with more power, intervines and ends the way conflict that not interest to none of the parts.

In any of the situations, the final result is not wanted by none of the parts, and is probable that the effect are similar to who lose in the result profit/loss (ALMEIDA, 1995). As much in this situation as in the previous one, the involved parts frequent personalize the subjects. They center one in the other instead of it to make in the problem, being given more attention to its differences, preventing the subject most important that it is to decide the conflict (MARRINER-TOMEY, 1996).