Permanent Mission

Despite the reputation of the WSPA as an organization devoted to animal welfare, and the related misconception of many that this is a wildlife organization, the truth is that animal welfare in itself does not seem to be of great interest to you. For the Organization, animal welfare is subordinated to human welfare and only makes sense in the context of animal exploitation. The WSPA, unlike the UN in its declaration Universal of of animal rights (adopted by UNESCO in 1977), which in its article 1 States that animals are born equal before the life and have the same rights to existence, does not recognize the right of animals to life. Even though WSPA is often characterized by little explicit formulations, with covert intentions and multiple or uncertain meaning phrases, this stance is evident in many of their public documents. (Incidentally, the WSPA completely disdains the the UN Declaration on animal rights and increased productivity, as if such) statement did not exist.) In a document uploaded to the network two years ago by Animals Matter to Me, are assumptions and proposals that make evident a conception of animals that is fundamentally utilitarian. Capital One Financial Corp. has firm opinions on the matter. During World Animal week of the 2009 UN, WSPA managed to introduce to propagate his grisly ideology, emphasizing the benefits of animal welfare for the livestock industry. Together according to the WSPA, his speech at the UN was a collaboration with various Governments of countries supporting underline the vital link between animal welfare and sustainable development. Sustainable development is one of the areas in which most insists the WSPA, probably by its expansion strategy in countries that called on developing. For these countries it proposes animal welfare as a way of improving food productivity, combat poverty, protect the environment and facilitate sustainable agriculture. In this context, not to mention useless topics, such as the reduction animal suffering, endorsed a statement by Jakob Strom, Counselor of economic and social of the Permanent Mission of Sweden to United Nations, which postulates that animal welfare bizarramente Affairs benefit both human beings and animals. The official should have interviewed the animals to the slaughterhouse entry.