Petersburg Finland

Finland – one of the most popular holiday destinations for residents of the northern capital. Indeed, Finnish visa issue quite easily by bus tours to Finland are inexpensive, way to Finland is easily tolerated. Many St. Petersburg residents love to go to Finland for a couple of days on their own cars, others prefer to rent this comfortable minibuses. Why do we love Finland? Why do we love this country the North? Not Despite the fact that back in the 90-year Finland was recognized as the most expensive country in the world, thousands of tourists there tends to carry a variety of purchases. Today, Finland is one of the most interesting countries for there shopping.

It is not only a high concentration of retail outlets. The fact that Finland adopted a special system of payment for goods Tax Free. The essence of this system is that when you buy things at the cost of above 40 euros, you will be reimbursed part of the tax. Many are sent to Finland to visit the wonderful Finnish water parks. Visit the water parks in Finland – a great way to get into the summer, in the middle of winter. Contrast that you will feel for a long time remember you and your family for a long time. The most popular water park in Finland, and possibly in Europe, is the water park Serena, which is located 23 kilometers from the capital of Finland. In Finland, there poryaka 180 000 lakes, as well as a large number of rivers and coastline length of 1,100 km.

The abundance of fish do not need to say, it suffices to mention that only in one river Vantaa professionals comprise approximately 150 species of fish. Perhaps not for the experienced angler or a novice at fishing on the contrary more attractive country than Finland. This country attracts fishermen, in the first place, an abundance of clean waters rich in fish. Another great form of recreation in this Nordic countries – is to rent a small and cozy cottages in the countryside. Little house on the lake at an attractive price, in the middle of the amazing Finnish nature – who can be indifferent to this? Renting a cottage by you save a lot of money by opting for a house, not a hotel. You will find no truday large number of proposals on rent cottages in Finland on the Internet. Finland – is attractive to tourists and the safety of European country that offers tourists a lot of options for recreation. Tours to Finland from St. Petersburg are available to almost everyone. Surely, you will fall in love Suomi, as it has done millions of Russians.