Political Party Coexistence

This work have as study object the coexistence of two political parties who disputes the legacy of the Communist Party of Brazil of 1922. Both parties if auto intitle the continuation of this PC. Of a side Partido Brazilian Comunista (PCB), of another one the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB). We will analyze the history of the PC of Brazil since its foundation you influence, them that it suffered; mainly in the international field, its programs and its performance in the Brazilian working-class movement and before the bourgeois nationalistic governments of matrix. Which had been the determinative factors for this division of the Brazilian Communists, and adoption of new estimated theoreticians and adhesion in the two fields of International the Communist Movement (China or Soviet Unio). ‘ is not subject of this research others; ‘ rachas’ ‘ in the Brazilian left nor other laboring parties that exist or had existed in the country. But yes this specific disagreement of the Communist Party of Brazil and the quarrel around the strategical estimated ones of the two parties, either in the internal or external plan.