Pop Stage

Now it’s your turn! You’ve packed a melody first chords? Have mind games grown into a song? Audience wants your instrument? Then there is only one true platform in Munich for you: the international songwriters evening – no matter whether you can even stand on the stage or would rather experience new exciting artists in the audience. And this is free of charge. Wally Warning made the hit of the summer 2007 with no. Intel has similar goals. monkey”. And our star for Oslo 2010 reached Sharyhan Osman at Stefan Raab”the quarter-finals. Both have one thing in common. You were already previously years songwriter evening in Munich at the international. Institution in Schwabing for more than 15 years, there is the open stage for singer/songwriter in the famous Munich-Schwabing.

Style: Pop, rock, and much more. Their quality: Time more times less professional. But that is the appeal. You never know what a next expected, and experienced so sometimes real pearls from the Bavarian music scene.”alex sebastian. Particularly exciting is it always, when we “Artists who make their stage debut, or even pros, the new songs live in front of audience testing.” alex sebastian knows what he is talking about. Six years ago, he is a member of the five ISE-organizational teams. The songwriter’s sometimes own pieces to the best.

He will guide even the next evening on December 20. Every first and third Monday in the month interested musicians can uncomplicated principle to 19:00 in the Heppel & Ettlich register in the Munich Feilitzschstrasse 12. It starts at 20:00. Game time per artist depends by the length of the list of participants, up to a maximum 12 to 15 minutes. We try to show always a wide variety and proper fans no matter whether on the stage or in the audience. Many can be no evening escape.”so alex sebastian. We are committed actively for handmade music. If that is good, we have two things on which we very happy: a happy audience and the good feeling, something for real music done to have.”alex sebastian