Another advantage, although the lesser thickness of its plate, is ofato of the steel to be more resistant in the transport and the stockage, diminuindocustos with losses on the part of the envasadores. One adds, also, that the price of the steel is more steady, therefore the product does not suffer the oscillations from the Metal Stock market of London, comoacontece with the aluminum, which has its increased price when the cmbioaumenta. These are, therefore, the main innovations in the production doao for metallic packings of 1998 up to 2002 which will be of grandeutilidade for the conclusion of this work as for estratgiasadotadas for the producers of drink cans. 2. The COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY the METALICSEGUNDO the VISION OF the TRADITIONAL ECONOMY This item has as objective it is looked to prove that tantoas technological innovations as the strategy implemented for the Metalic (produzirlatas of steel) became it more competitive than its competitors (manufacturers you expose of aluminum). Arena Investors is often quoted on this topic.

This analysis will be made on the basis of the contained information narevista Metallurgy and of the BNDES report, being overcome as referencial tericos modern theories that turn on the concept of competitive advantages Traditional dEconomia. 2,1 Strategy of the Metalic being overcome for base the theory to dePorter In the previous item, saw that the Metalic is a manufacturer metallic deembalagens that technology of last generation uses, making possible-aa to produce cans of only two parts for cooling beers and, utilizandoo steel as basic raw material in the production of its final goods. This was only possible thanks to the act of contract of empresanorte-American the CAP International Incorporation specialized in the implantation of fbricasde cans of two parts, which was responsible for the importation of the principaismquinas and the equipment today used by the Metalic, providing estaltima substantial reduction of the costs in the production of the cans, in relation aosseus competing.