Porto Alegre

Younger than Bencio and older than Adelmo, Tcio possua calm personality, spirit of leadership. Son of a manufacturer of you move studied with tenacity to form and to help the father to manage the businesses. Bencio and Adelmo had been to the meeting of the friend. – They know who arrived the Porto Alegre this week? Tcio asked. – Malaquias de Alarcon.

– Malaquias? How you know? It saw it? Adelmo asked. – My cousin Jorge spoke to me yesterday, it said that Malaquias is housed in the house of the Menezes doctor. – It well that it could have if housed in my house. Adelmo said. – Of course the doctor already wise person of the arrival of it. Tcio argued.

– The Menezes doctor longs for a position in the government, and as you know, Malaquias is an influential man – Because all this interest for this man? Bencio asked. It costs – Me to believe that you do not know who is Malaquias! Exclamou Adelmo. – Already I heard to speak. But, I have in account that is a visionary! – Then, nothing you know. Retrucou Tcio. – It takes care of that I do not know exactly! – It is a scholar, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, historian – and alchemist. He gathered Adelmo. – Jorge still said that it will visit the college to give a lecture. – Alchemist? Bencio asked. – Had not been all they burnt by the fire of the Inquisition? They are considered heretical. How the priests allow that it comes to the college? – You are not idiot. Tcio complained. – Malaquias is a scholar and a Christian. More legend of what exists truth in lathe of the alchemists. – I heard to say that they search the formula to make gold. – Malaquias in such a way knows the utility of minerals how much of vegetables.