President Revolution

This is a global world where only are not propagated in the argument of the obsolete left – MacDonalds or burgers, jeans and makeup, fashions irrelevance, capital and transnational, but also a dangerous virus called freedom, one that it uses the more expeditious of contagion mode: the technology, the Internet and social networks. Each has its ways and its procedures, each revolution ends up crushed or triumphant, each has alternatives and diverse paths forward. You may end up in a theocracy in Iran or it can be concluded in a democracy or chaos that calls a dictatorship. Nobody knows, but the fact of change is the lightning on the plaza. What will be Mubarak, is the requirement, the past to evaporate, but perhaps in the young, old and women they camping in the square of liberation an idea to Cook, is to outline a path that exceeds merely out of obsolescence. Serfdom is cast to the pipote of the Trash because she is a human product and humans can destroy it. The revolution leads to everything and all possibilities are in front.

Has been the Arab world which has awakened to a possibility that exceeds its confines to become an epic followed by millions through the electronic media. The man is still able to dream, is the effective message, despite having been immersed in darkness. What is good, is the desire of a world will that exceeds the words faith and hope, rather than become a boost of support and respect. Meanwhile, the world observes or intervenes. The President of the United States understands the birth, but can’t practice it. When the Revolution begins not been completed nothing. It will do so on his way, with all the dangers and snares that are themselves walking through the forest, full of predators. There is nothing that guarantees us the result of the Arab revolution, but we salute with enthusiasm, because it shows that the man is still able to get up. original author and source of the article.