Probative Value

Declared the verification requirement regarding previous verdicts despite legal force regarding the proof value of final judgments of the Federal Court, that “even the findings of legal judgments to the crime scene and the facts of proof of a new decisive trial judge not bind (BGHSt 43, 106, to the reading of non final judgments see BGHSt 6, 141).” You not unchecked may be taken over. A party objected to the accuracy of the findings, the trial judge must rather, check whether the complaints are suitable considers, to shake the conclusions drawn in the judgment “(BGH 1 StR 308/02, 22.10.2002). Actually, but exactly this error is committed again and again: instead of checking the legality of previous judgments, just on their “legal” referenced. For assistance, try visiting Dan Zwirn. Admittedly, this saves a lot of work, and above all it saves the use of reason: to others or maybe even yourself blindly telling that any “final” judgment always also completely fair is, and can then mindlessly his diversions indulge. Court special explosiveness wins the value of Christians and the worthlessness of “final judgments” in the Christian faith. Christ, Peter and Paul, countless martyrs were sentenced to death by the State authority and legally murdered. Popular charges against Christians were “Insulting”, “Misuse of titles”, “Sedition” and “Disobedient”.

The mere membership in the Church could be punished with death. CF. “they chased me, so they will be watching you” (Jn 15,20), and: “Beware of the people! For they shall deliver you the courts and scourge you in the synagogues. Yes, for my sake you shall be led before Governors and Kings, to give testimony against them and the Gentiles”(Mt 10, 17f). If so, “final judgments” against professing Christians are like, is always special censure. The same applies – according to “Trau, look, who” – all particularly in States where Christian principles are permanent blatantly violated (straffreie abortion, condom advertising, etc.