Professional Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashers are used in restaurants and cafes are designed to sink large Number of dishes. For efficient operation of professional dishwashing machines of any type, it would be correct to use special detergent and rinse aid. The most common professional detergents for dishwashers use liquid chemicals with low foaming. Typically, detergent and rinse aid used for professional dishwashers are available in concentrated form. Connect them to the dishwashers through dispensers. This allows more accurate dosing of detergent, and also ruled out an aggressive contact with the skin detergent hands. Among the detergents for dishwashers can be found to contain chlorine, and without it. Online you can find cleaners for dishwashers machines are suitable for water hardness.

The optimum temperature for the detergent in the region of 60-70 degrees, and rinse a little higher than 80 degrees. Use the correct temperature for cleaning – one of the conditions for obtaining a good result all professional cleaners come in concentrated form. Approximate consumption of detergent is 2-6 grams per liter of water, depending on the manufacturer. Rinse aid apply at the last stage washer. In their application crockery dries much faster and there are no stains upon drying.

When using high-quality rinse dishes obtained without divorce, and Glass no need to rub to get the shine. Rinsing funds are usually released with no odor. Companies involved in the sale of professional detergents for dishwashers, often provide their customers and metering devices. The use of metering reduces consumption of detergent and reduces the cost of working solution. Installation and configuration of the metering device performs a service engineer. The use of household dishwashing machines for professional equipment to reduce the quality of cleaning and increase the cost of each car wash.