The flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus, while there are many respiratory viruses that can cause the symptoms of the flu, the influence A and B viruses are the most common. Influenza visit us every year between the months of November and April, the months of December and March being the most aggressive. Once the virus has penetrated our body, remains latent about two or four days, then symptoms of the disease. Sick people can transmit the virus during the first days of the flu. It is highly contagious and this makes it through the mucous membranes that are in your eyes, nose and mouth. The virus passes easily from person to person with droplets of saliva being ejected when talking, coughing or sneezing. Contact with hands or contaminated objects is also a route of infection.

The vaccine is one of the best ways to avoid the flu, but a proper diet rich in vitamins and minerals, reinforces our organism to possible infection. We must you have a balanced diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, seafood and substances such as garlic, Echinacea, honey, you green, increasing antioxidants intake, do not smoke and take extra hygiene measures to prevent contagion. Natural therapies are of great help to reduce the severity of symptoms. Within the broad spectrum of medicinal plants is Echinacea, a plant that has proven its effectiveness against influenza and colds processes in several scientific studies. Propolis has active principles that give it excellent antiviral properties, so it is best used against viral, such as the cold or the flu attacks. Among the natural products that could help us are: natural products with high antioxidant power as the Antioxiblend – Pro since these increase the production of lymphocytes, at the same time that reduce free radicals that damage the tissues.

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