Public and Private Sectors

It had a new attribution of papers for the sectors public and private, fitting to the companies the commercial exploration and the government the formularization and the implementation of politics, lines of direction, objectives and goals. Therefore, for the evolution of the services to occur is essential the adoption of public politics directed to the sector and the use of its goods and services in the too much sectors of the economy. Without this, hardly the telecommunications and the contents of audiovisual information will allow that the country as a whole reach and usufruct all the benefits, in transversal way, and in all its potential. For in such a way, the sector cannot depend only on the State in the promotion ' ' of the massificao of servios' '. theoretical 3.Referencial 3.1. Patrimonial rocking: Definition and importance of the analysis the Analysis of Rockings is, according to Iudcibus (1998, P. 20), ' ' the art to know to extract useful relations, for the economic objective that we will have in mind, of traditional countable reports and of its extensions and detailings, will be caso' '. An analysis of rockings can be characterized as an art, therefore according to above-mentioned author no matter how hard this is based on the calculation of extracted indices of the countable demonstrations, its results will not be perfect and nor will be completely trustworthy, being able each analyst to have its individual opinion, exactly that they are the same used indices.

According to Assaf Grandson (2002), the analysis of rockings aims at to tell, on the basis of the countable information supplied by the companies, the position current economic-financier, the causes that determine the presented evolution and the future trends. In other words, for the analysis of rockings information are extracted on the passed, present and future position (projected) of a company. The analysis of the countable demonstratives is of great managemental importance, mainly, for the companies with lucrative ends, therefore it is a process of evaluation of the company, responsible for ahead showing its performance of the market.