Quickly Learn English

Today we'll talk about how to quickly learn English. No, of course we will not offer you the techniques immersion or the effect of the twenty-fifth frame or thirty :-). We will try to explain why this or that other methods just do not work or work, but only slightly. How quickly learn English? Let's start with simple human laziness. It is ridiculous to even talk, but before the majority and it never occurred to sit down and self- to learn English, or even funnier – to invite a tutor of English for employment. And all because English was not needed and not used in the majority of nowhere.

Yes, there was talk in the nineties, will soon need will be, but the real facts were not. And then came a time when English has become necessary, and very urgently needed so urgently, that almost the entire future life may depend on today's English language skills. And with the knowledge to good level. And then everything started to wonder – how quickly learn English? Something told many, that's not so simple, and you have whole evenings for many months to go to English courses and spend wasting time. But the Russian people are a big fan of freebies and loves to be deceived, respectively, on the Internet began to appear dealers offering to buy some textbooks or programs that will teach you and to read and write and speak English, and you did not even need to do, you can do at this time to sleep or nap, or just look blankly at the television screen.