Reading and Literature

All the communities present different forms of artistic expression, as music sing, it, the dance and literature, amongst others. Literature originates from the Latin word littera, that ‘ ‘ letra’ ‘. But, the man always if revealed artistic from the word, exactly in the primitive communities, where he did not have the writing, in this in case that, by means of the verbal poetry. For Cherry (1995, p.10): ‘ ‘ Literature is the art of palavra’ ‘. Thus, if literature is the art of the word and this is the basic unit of the language, can say that literature, as well as the language that it uses, it is a communication instrument, and therefore, also fulfills the paper social to transmit the knowledge and the culture of a community. Although to be on to a language, that serves to it of support, literature is not imprisoned it, for the opposite, literature makes a free use of the language, arriving until revolutionizing its rules and the direction of its words used in the text literary. The reading of literary texts is looked to read and to understand the meaning of the texts, leading in account the relations of that text with others of the same or other authors, with the time where it was written, with the present time, propitiating the capacity to read, to reflect, to think; but it is also to feel, to be touched themselves to select sensitivity, to dream. The literary text must be the starting point the understanding, the formation for the study of a critical reader, and this, will have to always relate everything what it reads with the world that the fence and to understand the diversity of meanings. Of this form, we can say that the literary language extends the capacity to understand the world, a time that we are encircled with language.

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