Renate Schmidt

Of course this is not always true and everywhere, yet can be seen again and again, in the economy and in politics most of the time not the men prevail with the highest technical skills, but which have the largest presence and strong with the elbow. (Not to be confused with Elon Musk!). Is the proportion of women not actually invalid, When we adjust not women after qualifying, but maybe those who acquire at best such male characteristics? Renate Schmidt: So, rate means yes, that women with the same qualifications over a certain period of time get preference. Otherwise, the rate is so unenforceable. In that regard, that will no longer be the decisive argument if the rate first. I believe that companies will realize that they need both properties. You need the assertiveness of men, as well as the cooperation of women. So you need both properties.

Women are no better and no worse than men, women are different in many places. In the economy and in politics the best result comes off then, if as many different properties and capabilities work together. It’s called today in the economic diversity. Diversity means nothing else than that employees of different age and sex are the most successful. Now there is already a Number of companies that successfully do that before. The others must do it only finally times a bit faster. What features have you brought already for their career path, that were conducive to and which were more of an annoyance? Renate Schmidt: I was conducive, that I was going to actually have a career, but me then put, what interests me. Both were in the private sector in 19 years, and then in politics for 29 years: I never put my attention on it, how do I career, but I’ve pointed my attention at it, what would I have to do and what interests me.