Without trying to become a restrictive classification, the following types of conducts can stand out:. the type stars. One is the individual that by temperament or natural inclination tends to represent the directive functions or directive Co within the group. This type of people even can get to feel uncomfortable when they must be put under the direction of another member of the equipment. When the circumstances put to the individual star other people’s to the direction tasks, at least formally, this one will try to develop spaces for its own leadership, reason why an obstacle for the evolution can be from the meeting or activity that the group tries to take ahead. They will appear the conflicts between a formal leadership and another natural one.

This type of circumstance can be of easy or complex solution, according to the capacities of the leaders to confront its ideas and to work altogether. the type mass. It is the receptive member of the group that is put under in the action or the criteria the influence of the leader, although not by this must to understand like the passive type. Generally, this is the typology most common and abundant in the groups. It also gets to be the platform that sustains to the summit of the leader and its combat abilities.

Although a natural tendency can occur to despise the roll that plays east type of individual, is precise to include/understand the importance of its presence in the group and the potentialities that can inject in any meeting. This by all means implies the necessity to know and to appreciate the natural dowries of each member of the group. It thus falls to the leader the responsibility of not considering to each type mass like a number but like person with capacities and potentialities. the apathetic type.